Follow an imos iX CAD training. Fun and instructive.

Want to follow a fun and instructive training?

Plan an imos iX CAD CAM training! Learn the basics in the imos start training or take a look at the rest of the offer.

We all know it. Software evaluates every year. But do employees do the same? Follow a training imos or WoodCADCAM and bring your knowledge up to date!

By now I have more than five years of experience in giving all kinds of training courses and I have contributed to various course material. I was also involved in the development of a Dutch-language textbook for students.

Training can be given under personal guidance or in a classroom setting in small groups. The possibilities for following training courses for CAD CAM are endless.  Choose the training that suits your interior design company.  A fun interactive day in which the exchange of practical tips is central. During the training, I like to show real practical examples from the interior and sheet metal industry.