WoodIntelligence is a company based in the Netherlands. With over more than 13 years experience in WoodCADCAM and IMOS software products which delivers CAD/ CAM solutions for the wood industry we can offer you the following services. Please get in touch to plan a date or send us an e-mail via the contact form below this webpage.

imos iX Training


Training your employees ensures that they understand the new functions and know how to apply them correctly. Taking an imos iX course is already possible from one day. WoodIntelligence offers training in the evenings if required. Please get in touch and we will make you a great offer!


A good imos database is tailor-made for the customer. By properly engineering cabinet concepts, we achieve a standardized way of working that is still parametric. In this way, the imos CAD CAM software becomes even smarter. I would like to get in touch to discuss the possibilities for your company. I did projects for the kitchen industry, custom cabinets, bathrooms, small furniture, and so on.


Existing imos iX users make more progress by continuing to invest in the further development of knowledge and development of the software. Hire me as a consultant for your business processes or have your existing database expanded to work smarter. We help to seamlessly connect your CAD CAM system to production.

Installation & Updates

WoodIntelligence helps with installing your imos iX software on computer and / or server or with the latest software updates. In many cases this can be done via our remote support software. Of course we will make a good backup and we will test the software after performing the update to ensure that users are interrupted as little as possible in their work.

Production flow analysis

Are you an interior construction company, joiner or do you produce furniture from sheet material? WoodIntelligence likes to think along in your production process in the field of software with our ‘Question answer’ principle. This principle helps to streamline processes from quotation to final delivery with the help of (proper organization) of software.


WoodIntelligence has a lot of experience in controlling your (CNC) woodworking machines in production. Using CAD CAM software from imos iX, we ensure that the imos CAD software also generates the correct data for te machine. We install post processors and set them up for the desired production workflow. We make sure that what you drawing automaticly is translated into the operations on the machine.

imos Plan of NET XML

I make the imos Plan or imos NET configurator for various customers. With these configurators you no longer draw cabinets but simply click them together by making choices.
Writing XML files and creating customer-specific furniture libraries in imos iX CAD is one of the possibilities.

Online support

WoodIntelligence provides online support at an affordable rate. We do not work with a maintenance contract. You pay what you need in time. We log onto your computer via an secure connection with our Remote Support Software.

A project that can’t wait? Or a question that is not under your support from your supplier? WoodIntelligence comes to the rescue!

How to get in touch?

imos services

We help you where we can. Sometimes one call for 10 minutes is enough to help you with your problems. We use WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams or Skype to keep international costs down. In this way we can offer an affordable rate for everyone. You will get a bill when contacting us for the rates as described below. 

Add 0031-6 1202 5497 to WhatsApp

Add live:info_1120995 to Skype

Add Alexander van der Linden to Microsoft Teams

Pricing for our services

Based on the ‘BigMac index‘, WoodIntelligence has determined the hourly rate. In this way we offer an affordable rate for everyone around the world. Price is in EUR (€).

€ 42Argentina
€ 70Australia
€ 75Austria
€ 39Azerbaijan
€ 85Belgium
€ 60Brazil
€ 71Britan
€ 81Canada
€ 52Chile
€ 50China
€ 50Colombia
€ 69Costa Rica
€ 53Croatia
€ 75Cyprus
€ 57Czech Republic
€ 73Denmark
€ 75Estonia
€ 75Finland
€ 75France
€ 75Germany
€ 75Greece
€ 54Guatemala
€ 58Honduras
€ 44Hong Kong
€ 46Hungary
€ 41India
€ 36Indonesia
€ 75Ireland
€ 81Israel
€ 75Italy
€ 60Japan
€ 54Jordan

€ 75Latvia
€ 72Lebanon
€ 75Lithuania
€ 37Malaysia
€ 34Mexico
€ 75Montenegro
€ 75Netherlands
€ 66New Zealand
€ 58Nicaragua
€ 86Norway
€ 50Oman
€ 59Peru
€ 47Philippines
€ 44Poland
€ 75Portugal
€ 36Romania
€ 30Russia
€ 71Scotland
€ 69Singapore
€ 75Slovakia
€ 75Slovenia
€ 62South Korea
€ 75Spain
€ 88Sweden
€ 112Switzerland
€ 40Taiwan
€ 59Thailand
€ 31Turkey
€ 67UAE
€ 94USA
€ 69Uruguay
€ 47Vietnam