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In the WoodIntelligence shop you will find various items, to make your imos iX database smarter as an imos iX user. You have the option to have them installed for free on all downloads that you buy through our shop.

Check in advance whether the items are also suitable for the database in your country. WoodIntelligence builds items in Dutch and English languages.

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Buy imos imports. For a smarter database for fewer development costs.

In the past, companies bought an empty imos database. The advantage of this method was that a database could be customized. This allowed companies to create exactly what they would actually use. In 2020 we see more and more possibilities where the power of the platform can be better utilized. That is why KijkOpKasten has been making imports since 2020 for upgrading your older imos database. This way you don’t have to spend days to create this yourself and you can continue quickly.

These imports can be found in the section imos iX download. With an import purchased via the KijkOpKasten webshop, the described article is created in your database. KijkOpKasten can help with the installation and buyers can also use my online support. With support, deviating properties can be created or extra functionalities can be offered. The buyer pays the usual attractive rate for this.

Dare to dream. Ask for it!

It is possible to make a request to make a desired article. Think of things that you would like to see in the database but of which you do not know how to create. I always use attractive rates. Because I work for many customers, I can estimate which items could be sold more. This makes it possible to make the rates of the imports a lot more attractive than if the items have to be programmed on site (and only for your database).

imos iX report. Just for your company. 

Have you always wanted to have a tailor-made report? Ask the question. Perhaps this has been asked before and I will soon be offering it through my webshop. At the moment I have been commissioned to create various reports. I will then offer this via my website so that my customer, but also you, can make use of these benefits.