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My name is Alexander van der Linden. Nice to meet you!

I have over 12 years of experience in the woodworking industry. I started my company WoodIntelligence with one vision: ‘bring custom-made wood cabinets into the hands of people all over the world’.

My main goal is to support the production companies in the wood industry to be more efficient and flexible. This by adding/modyfying modifications to their existing 3D software.

As an expert in the wood software IMOS 3D CAD CAM and WoodCADCAM I can be your sparring partner and producer for multiple purposes. I know what is important in the engineering of a custom cabinet design. By offering practical solutions to bring software and production further than ever before.

Last but not least,  I started with the development of an online cabinet configurator. This webtool allows people to design their own custom cabinets. I will tell you more about this webtool at the end of 2020.

Let’s meet!

Alexander van der Linden

Alexander van der Linden
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IMOS CAD CAM Engineering

Designing cabinets in WoodCADCAM or IMOS. Sometimes it is hard to find the right man for the job. KijkOpKasten can be the solution for a short period of time.

Conceptdevelopment IMOS & WoodCADCAM

Providing solutions to get the database (even) smarter. This is one of the tasks I've managed to do often for my customers. With my help I have reached the goal to speed up the process of engineering the furniture. In most of the times I can do more with a much smaller IMOS or WoodCADCAM database. Do you want to know how? Please read about the 'Question? Answer!' principle. 


The development of our WoodIntelligence cabinet configurator has started. With this internet configurator it is possible for people to design and configure their own unique concept. First we start with our own ideas... but we will ship your ideas in the future. 

Question Answer Principle

Most of the companies who design and manufacture custom-made cabinets have one thing in common. They draw every cabinet from sketch up. This takes a lot of time and has got many other disadvantages, like slow changes. Sometimes it is even necessary to build the whole cabinet again from beginning.  What if we could already draw the cabinet simply by entering the standard sales questions? Like, what's the height of the base plinth? What is the color of the front? How should the back panel look like? My goal is to engineer the concept and use this for multiple cabinets. 
 I developed this ‘Question? Answer!’ Concept. In most of the time I can make a quick-scan in a day to explore what would be the right ‘Question? Answer!’ principle for you. And off course I will give you some practical ideas to bring this to your IMOS or WoodCADCAM system. If you don’t have the time to implement this yourself, I am more than happy to help you with this.   Let’s talk!

Koffie training

About Alexander.

Nice to meet you. My name is Alexander van der Linden. I graduated at the Wood and furniture College in Rotterdam (Netherlands) in 2007. After my studies I started working at a manufacturer of wooden cabinets as IMOS 3D CAD/CAM engineer.  I was responsible for several developments in configurators (online) to design and configure customized furniture. In 2014 I’ve accepted a job as software consultant in the company Proteus Systems Europe. This company is the software reseller of IMOS.  In this function I was responsible for implementing the IMOS software, training/coaching the customers and doing pre-sales  demonstrations. These experiences and professional knowledge I have gained in the past 12 years will help you further with every question or obstacle you might have. 

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